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Playing Dead isn't easy.

Sunday has a plan: achieve the best grades possible, win a college scholarship, and escape from HE and SHE. Raised by a depressed, pain-pill-popping zombie of a mother and a coked-up, abusive father, Sunday is determined to control her destiny. She's outlined and fine-tuned her happy ending. Nearing the end of her junior year, she just has to survive one more year.

Jack, her loving boyfriend, has the idyllic family life with parents Sunday envies. Because of them, she believes a better life exists.

A fateful, rash decision to celebrate gorgeous co-worker Nate's birthday results in an outcome that will change everything. Sunday decides in order to change her destiny she must fake her death and start a new life.

Pseudocide not suicide.
Because sometimes you have to die to survive.


  • 60996 words
  • About 244 pages
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