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Project Smile


Gabriel Lancaster doesn't smile. He goes through life as the world's biggest pessimistic optimist. If anyone else feels down, he does all that he can to cheer them up. But he's never once helped himself.

This bothers Cassidy Evans. Gabriel has helped her out many times, and she's only been able to repay him once. All she wants is to see him happy. But she can never seem to break through his walls.

Gabriel always wonders why Cassidy even cares. No one else does. What he doesn't know is that Cassidy has a reason.

One night, Cassidy devises a plan.

One clicker, clicked only when thinking happy thoughts or doing something that makes him happy.

Company, so he knows that he isn't walking this world alone.

Cassidy's ultimate goal: prove to Gabriel that he is worth something in this world.

Welcome to Project Smile.


  • 62738 words
  • About 251 pages
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