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Pretty Plastic People


Erika Soto is one of those pretty plastic people. She’s been rated a nine by the senior boys every Monday, and at a school where secrets and weaknesses are taken advantage of, a high rating is a ticket to the school’s elite. But there’s more than a number to Erika and the other Aquino High royalty: there’s regret, flaws, and a single night that rips them all apart. After years of clawing her way to the top, she can see things clearly: she’s done with only being pretty and plastic.

As her life starts to unravel and her perspectives on everyone she thought she knew change, Erika has to make a quick decision between living at the top of the pyramid and living with herself. And even if she does choose to take a stand, who's to stay she'll succeed? Can the girls on top really overthrow a system that's years in the making?


  • 73324 words
  • About 293 pages
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