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Picking the Prom King


Band geek Taryn Christensen refuses to be the Bachelorette in a YouTube fundraiser show until she learns that her high school marching band’s European tour is riding on the money raised from the fundraiser. Desperate not to be alone on the show, she convinces her best friend, Brett, to become a contestant, and promises he’ll be the Prom King in the end.
Charlie Bolton can’t stop thinking about Taryn, the girl he met at the drive-thru window. He puts aside his video games, debate team, and drums to become a contestant of the fundraiser show. When he discovers the Prom Queen is Taryn, he can’t believe his luck. Until he sees her flirting with Brett every time the cameras are near.
Taryn and Charlie can't deny their chemistry. She is left with the decision to keep her promise and choose Brett, or follow her heart and pick Charlie.


  • 60856 words
  • About 243 pages
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