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Clarissa's relationship is changing and not for the better.
She doesn't know who Brett is anymore.
More than that, she doesn't know who she is anymore and she doesn't know how to save herself and her relationship.

Then the new guy moves in next door and gives her someone to talk to - like a breath of fresh air.
He walks into her life offering friendship (and some unnecessarily early morning runs) and just wants to see her back on her feet again.

But who's going to help him get back on his feet?

He's hiding something - the bruises, the black eyes, the battered body.
He assures her it's not illegal but it's hard to believe that when he keeps so quiet about the cause.

Something is broken inside him, just like Clarissa, and they need to help put each other together again, as only best friends can.

(1st draft)


  • 81213 words
  • About 325 pages
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