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Perfect Last Date


On the day that her ex-husband is marrying another woman, Rachel must meet with him to sign the final papers for their divorce. The last thing she expects is that he still loves her.
When the wedding is cancelled, bride Barbara— along with a god complex bigger than her boobs— has her first reality check in the whole of her massively privileged life. In the midst of her crisis, she seeks support from her best friend, Zachary, and his not-so-secret love for her. A love she uses shamelessly for her own comfort. (Don’t worry, she knows she’s going to hell.) Just when she thinks that nothing can get worse, her ex-fiancé Simon comes forth with a shocking revelation. And it’s the last thing anyone ever expected…
Rachel already feels bad about stealing her husband back from Barbie, but this new secret might just be the worst of all.


  • 52955 words
  • About 212 pages
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