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As a Banshee on the run, Sadie’s strict adherence to her mom’s rules is the reason she's survived. She is the furthest from reckless a person can be. She is built from rules. That is, until this beacon of death meets Nathan, a tech-savvy farm boy who fated to lose someone he loves.

Sadie likes to keep an emotional distance. But her paranormal abilities to warn humans of impending death, inspire loved ones to say their goodbyes, and help grieving souls rests easier at night, have no effect on Nathan. Tasked with helping him grieve, she must comfort him like a true Banshee for the first time in her life. Then she discovers why Nathan is not affected by her abilities and what his family has done for centuries—hunt the supernatural. With their families at war, it becomes unclear if his passion for her is love or his instinct for the hunt.


  • 85800 words
  • About 343 pages
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