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Jared's cruel act leads to the accidental death of a lonely classmate. He spends 33 years finding a way to go back.

He thinks that's the hard part. He's not prepared for what's waiting in the past.

Claire's death is bigger than the events of one day. Despite what he believes, her death isn't entirely his fault. She has her own ideas about what she wants and her own demons to face. She will have to be braver than she ever thought possible.

She doesn't know it, but Jared has brought something back with him that has consequences that are bigger than he could have predicted. As their growing bond becomes dangerous for both of them, they will have to decide together how much of themselves they are willing to erase.

Content warning: Sexual assault, suicide, and body dysmorphia.


  • 85017 words
  • About 340 pages
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