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Pace Yourself


On the surface, Oliver Pace is your typical 18-year-old nerdy heartthrob. He's captain of his high school's soccer team, and a 4.0 Brown University applicant. But on the inside, he's a ball of anxiety and aggression that took years of therapy to control. When he realizes he's in love with his little sister's best friend, his anxiety sky-rockets and he starts writing detailed journal entries that include his deepest thoughts. He thinks no one will ever read them until his parents find his journal and reveal his biggest secret: that he's been sneaking around, growing closer with Madeline for months. His parent's force the two to break up because they know a secret of Madeline's that he doesn't: Madeline has recently been diagnosed with Localized Ewing's Sarcoma.


  • 66160 words
  • About 265 pages
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