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It is a dark time in the sidhe lands: The UnSeelie Court has been sundered and rendered magicless, their Shadow Queen is missing, and Death Magic has returned. It is even more dangerous for the plain, human, and magicless Nell Voidborne, a girl gifted to the Seelie Court nearly twenty years ago, living among the UnSeelie refugees. She is at the mercy of the sidhe, a folk known for being capricious, tricky, and cruel, but not merciful. In fact, the Seelie Princesses will do anything to humiliate her and ensnare her into their debt. When she fails her third task to satisfy a debt to the throne Nell is obligated to travel to the Otherwoods to tithe herself to the Wild Hunt for one year. Within the forest she is guided by a strange magic to discover the secrets of the Sundering, the Shadow Queen, and the Death Magic plaguing the sidhe lands.


  • 74067 words
  • About 296 pages
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