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Only Forever


The Demetriou School of Excellence is home to the most prestigious vampires in the world; the sons and daughters of powerful covens in need of education and protection.

Evelina Belak is a Watchdog, charged with the task of keeping the students safe. Neither a vampire, a dhampir, or a werewolf, she is a self-proclaimed 'Whatever' who dreams of more than a mercenary life.

When new student Aleksander Demetriou arrives and selects the ill-equipped Evelina as his personal bodyguard, she steps into a complex world of high school drama, political discord, and forbidden love.

Can she and Aleks make it to the end of the year with their hearts and lives in tact?

This story has over 6,000 reads on Wattpad.


  • 140612 words
  • About 562 pages
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