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One Final Vinyl


At 18 years old, Emma Pelican is pretty sure she's already experiencing a midlife crisis. She's spent the summer after her senior year listening to her depressing vinyl record collection and isolating herself from her friends, so it's not much of a surprise when no one shows up to the graduation party Emma throws the night before leaving for college; no one but Daisy Lycroft, a 90-year-old stranger with mild Alzheimer's who escaped from her retirement home in the middle of the night.
When Emma leaves to drive Daisy home, the two end up on an unexpected all-night road trip, complete with Canadian whiskey, Billy Joel mixtapes, romantic interludes, near-death experiences, and lots of impromptu dancing, causing them to find some much-needed friendship in each other, and revealing that they have a closer connection than they ever expected.


  • 48945 words
  • About 196 pages
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