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Of The Seasons


Jack’s father died when he was in high school. Ever since then, he had been bouncing around schools, never finding his true place. Jack is shy and not outgoing. He has never experienced life as a teenager should, until…
While in one of his classes he meets a girl named Emma. The conspicuous thing about Emma is that she doesn’t have a father either. Jack pleads to ask, but she will never tell why. But when she does, their lives will never be the same. Their emotions tested to the max.
Their relationship, starts to flourish as the seasons go on. Jack is now taken back by his new life. All too soon however, he gets a taste of betrayal from the one person he confided in the most.
When Jack stepped into school that first day of junior year, he didn’t realize that his life would never be the same, for better and for worse.


  • 72543 words
  • About 290 pages
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