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Not The One


Georgia Davis runs anonymous Tumblr blog on love, relationships, and the female psyche but she's: never been in a relationship or kissed a boy, and doesn't plan on doing either. "Boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are meaningless titles in a hookup culture, and dating isn't for her. When Georgia receives an ask in her inbox seeking advice on how to best approach a girl he wants to know better, she crafts an entire series on her blog to help him. Things get complicated when her best friend Jazzy experiences a messy breakup, forcing their friends to pick sides. Georgia's thrown for a bigger loop as an unexpected new friendship with longtime classmate, Anderson. She'd rather chew her hand off than admit there could ever be anything between them, but situations keep putting the two together and Georgia finds her firm anti-love stance wavering.


  • 85366 words
  • About 341 pages
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