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"Yes, mam?"
"What have we done?"
It took a moment for him to reply. "Please be specific, mam."

Preeti Singh is a computer science and mathematics college major. She has programmed an artificial intelligence that gives her "abilities" using the extraordinary powers of advanced math to protect Joy City. However, she is gender fluid, and with the AI T.H.U.G.(Technological Humanoid and Undercover Guardian) she realizes she can change her appearance to that of a male whenever she wants. Her male alter ego - dubbed Calculator-Man by the news reporters in the city - becomes known as a superhero.

That's when things get bizarre. Once peaceful Joy City becomes home for sorcery wars, aliens, infinity, and 3am thoughts during lunch.

This story is based on the memories of my boss, Polkadot, and I type it out for the world to read.


  • 48755 words
  • About 195 pages
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