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No Love Allowed


It's all fun and parties until someone falls in love.

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  • Heat

    6 (52 ratings)

  • Tears

    6 (58 ratings)

  • Laughs

    5 (46 ratings)

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    5 (47 ratings)

Full Description

Caleb desperately needs a new fake girlfriend. Either he attends a series of parties with a pretty girl on his arm to schmooze for his father's law firm, or he gets shipped off to Yale to start a future he's not ready for and isn't sure he wants. And sadly the last unattached girl in his social circle has just made the grievous mistake of falling in love with him.

Fortunately, Didi, the waitress at the Country Club — who just lost her job due to Caleb's too-public breakup — is open to new experiences (and art supplies are expensive!). It's the perfect setup for them both. Caleb has only one rule for the arrangement: Didi mustn't fall in love with him.


"Who is that pretty flower with Nathan? Don't tell me he's off the market. My Marcy has eyes for him." Mrs. Hassleback craned her neck toward the carousel ice sculpture by the entrance to the garden. Her cronies followed her line of sight. Murmurs of speculation hummed between all of them.

With his height, Caleb looked over their heads toward his cousin and…his throat tightened. There in a yellow dress that emphasized the elegant line of her shoulders and a new hair cut that accentuated the shape of her face stood the most exquisite girl to have ever graced the Dodge Cove elite with her presence. She belonged as if she'd been from one of the oldest families in the area. Something heavy settled inside his chest, making it difficult to breathe. Then, despite knowing his cousin's sexual orientation, ugly jealousy made his jaw tick when Nathan took Didi's hand so she could wrap her arm around his. Nathan was just doing the gentlemanly thing by showing those who noticed that Didi was off limits. But damn if it wasn't his role to do that.

Clearing his throat to catch the attention of Mrs. Hassleback and company, he said with pride and something else he cared not investigate right then, "That's Diana Alexander. My girlfriend."


"Evangelista takes a familiar story of young love and makes it fresh." —VOYA

"Given the growing awareness towards understanding the stigmas, issues and concerns surrounding mental illness, I find it refreshing that this book doesn’t preach about what to do or how to be—it just tells a story of two people who fall in love and who just also happen to struggle with issues that deserve a place to be talked about." —

"I laughed and was teary eyed and had goose bumps and many more mixed emotions when I was reading and I kept reading it over and over. It's like a modern fairy tale." –Camelle, Swoon Reader

"Warning! You might get obsessed with Kate's writing! It is such a great read. I keep on rereading this book, at home and when I have breaks at work. It never ceases to put a smile on my face. Everyone will surely swoon with the characters." –Jassie Dela Cruz, Swoon Reader

"I loved Didi and Caleb's story. It was so emotional and pulled me in and I couldn't stop. Even after finishing it I still want more! Kate Evangelista did an amazing job of building the characters and making me fall in love." –Lacy, Swoon Reader

"Wow. I loved this. LOVED it. Kate used a deft touch, getting Didi just right. Loved the world Caleb lived in, and I'm looking forward to the rest in this series because all the main players deserve their own story. Read this book. You will NOT be disappointed." –Christine Ashworth, Swoon Reader