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New Paris U


Genevieve Pascal has lived in the French-American city of New Paris her entire life and is now ready to attend its prestigious university, New Paris U. Excited and feeling as if she's finally arrived, Vivi finds more than she bargained for in strange new friends, a sudden fall face-first into love, and the shadow that overcomes her as winter sets in. Andie Lollo's debut novel is a brutally honest look into the life of the new adult searching desperately for identity and belonging in a world no longer structured for a child. The fantastical setting of New Paris is a gorgeous and experienced amalgamation of New York City and Paris, France, populated with a cast of diverse and interesting characters surrounding the heroine on all sides - from a preteen prodigy to her famous author dad and the energetic RA who never accepts a frown.


  • 55516 words
  • About 222 pages
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