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Never Say Goodbye


Wendy loves her family more than anything else in the world. When they're taken from her by a group of unscrupulous pirates, it's up to her to save them. She's always been taught never to trust a creature, but when two end up rescuing her and helping her run from the pirates, it's difficult for her to know who her allies could be. Peter Pan is a fairy, egotistical with a quick grin, and Tiger Lily is fiercer than anyone Wendy has ever had the chance to meet. As she's forced to spend time with them--risking life, limb, and sanity while they're on the run--she reconsiders how she's always viewed creatures and reflects on how her past landed her in the trouble she's in. Because if Captain Hook wants anything, it's to capture Peter Pan, and Wendy is stuck in the middle of their fight.


  • 64776 words
  • About 259 pages
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