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It’s the end of senior year and the big night is approaching. Camari has just been asked to Prom by her school crush. She then finds out that Prom is also known as, “The Night of Hook-Ups”. As she begins to panic, her college brothers best friend, Trevor, who’s been dating his high school sweetheart for a couple years now, secretly decides to teach Camari the FIVE STEPS of losing your virginity. Are these steps helping Camari get ready for her big night with her crush? Or is she starting to fall for her brothers’ best friend who told her from the beginning not to catch feelings? Camari’s going to have to strip away her outer skin to let Trevor in. She’s going to have to explain her insecurities, her worst fears, and she’s going to have to become completely… naked.


  • 46702 words
  • About 187 pages
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