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My Heart on a Band-Aid


Mia Ryan is a fraud in rainbow socks. From her ever-changing hair color, to her vast collection of Band-Aids (hand-covered in Emo song lyrics), Mia uses her quirky, confident fa├žade to hide personal insecurities and a deteriorating home life from everyone except her best friend, Emily. However, an entire shoebox full of Do-It-Yourself Band-Aids and all the one-liners in the world can't fix the mess Mia makes when both friends' dream guy, Finn Jacobs, falls for Mia. After a fantastic peanut-butter-milkshake-laced kiss with Finn, Mia tells a lie that takes on a life of its own and threatens to ruin her friendship with Emily. Unable to mend the lies she's told with a simple bandage, Mia exposes both old and raw wounds to Emily, finally trusting Emily to love her even when it hurts.


  • 82629 words
  • About 331 pages
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