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My First Kiss (and Other Summer Disasters)


15yo Gwen has 3 goals before sophomore year begins: experience her 1st kiss, get rid of her chipmunk cheeks, & escape the separation of her parents, something she hasn't mentioned to her free-spirited, yet unstable, BFF Hartley, whose house she's visiting over summer break.

With Hartley taking charge of her to-do list, Gwen's summer of change begins, but nothing prepares her for Sully, the adorable soccer player next door. Now all she needs is a crash course in Kissing 101—& her BFF has a surefire-ish plan to show her the ropes!

Caught between living her life & trying to run away from it, Gwen adjusts to Hartley’s world. But when she discovers the secret her friends have been hiding, she must learn to face her own demons (with a little help from the big-hearted drag queen down the street) or surrender herself to a tragic reality.


  • 77455 words
  • About 310 pages
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