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Multiple Choice


After 16-year-old Olivia is stunned by kisses from two guys claiming to be her boyfriend, she discovers she’s jumping between alternate versions of her life, each shaped by decisions she made—or didn’t—in her past. She also finds her grandma alive, a new sister, and a spot atop the junior class.

She has everything she’s ever wanted, sort of. If only she could control the jumps, and stop finding so many new sides to her best friend Drew. She barely recognizes this boy who spouts sci-fi theories or plays in a rock band.

She can’t switch between lives forever. The more she tries to juggle, the more she drops. She’s about to mess up her alt-lives as badly as she must've messed up the original. She has to choose. But none of her options give her everything, and deciding where to stay will mean losing more than one person she loves.


  • 91463 words
  • About 366 pages
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