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Moneyland: Payback


In 2037 Eden Shepherd survived scheming schoolfriends, teen tyrants and mechanical monsters, trapped for 12 months in a tech tomb.
In 2040, freed from captivity, the only refuge for Eden and her family is in the rubble that used to be the city centre. Downtown no Mechs mess with mankind for fear of a devastating weapon. Humans are in control. It could be heaven if the people weren't so hellish.
Trapped inside an all-new dome with a militia led by Adam Turing's vengeful dad, Eden fights to keep her family, friends and the Father's Force alive and civil.
The problem is some sides have weapons, some have water, and Eden has a certain something people are dying to get their hands on.
As the resistance falters, rebels turn on each other and Mechs maintain control, Eden has to ask: who's getting payback on who?


  • 90809 words
  • About 363 pages
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