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Nicky Quinn: Destined to be a star, at least according to himself. Having come out of the closet on the day he was born, Nicky’s confidence emanates from him like a cloud of glitter. He’s ready for success. Even if that means keeping secrets he didn’t realize he had.
Lex Badham: HIs father doesn’t know how to love him, his mother doesn’t have time. This dreamer longs for the truth and bleeds when it cuts him. He embodies his music and, though shy in the spotlight, he refuses to stay silent.
The boys meet when they audition for a musical talent show and sparks immediately start to fly. When they’re put together in a boy band those sparks start fires. Nothing can stay hidden for long. Soon, the private romance turns into a public spectacle that threatens both the boys, their bands, and their dreams for the future.


  • 90611 words
  • About 362 pages
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