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Miranda & Lorelei


Fifteen-year-old Miranda Keller becomes persona non grata in her family when her father is wrongly jailed for defrauding the investors in his hedge fund. Her stepmother, Britta, banishes Miranda to the attic of their brownstone -- isolating her from everyone except for Alex, the reclusive boy next door who is bringing back to life his family’s roof garden.
Miranda’s stepsister Lorelei is too afraid of Britta, who’s stopped taking her bi-polar medications, to step in. Plus, she knows there’s not a lot she can do to protect Miranda and their five-year-old half-sister, Charlotte.
Miranda and Lorelei are elated to when they find out that that Miranda’s father is set to get a new trial. But the news unhinges Britta, making Miranda and Lorelei realize they only have one shot to keep themselves and Charlotte safe - and maybe even alive.


  • 70505 words
  • About 282 pages
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