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Mind of Vengeance


Magic has long been viewed with fear and hatred in the land of Hiraeth. Born as one of the three magical races, Evelyn Blackwelle has had to forsake her life of nobility since she was a babe. Disguised as a commoner, she has lived in hiding for nineteen years.

But when tragedy strikes, Eve begins a path ripe with vengeance. Seeking help from her benefactor, the King of Lothia, she finds herself swept up in the bustling life of court.

As the King’s ward and heir to her family’s estates, much is expected of her. Surrounded by preening ladies and handsome young men – including a library aide with magic and horrors of his own – Evelyn’s request for justice seem to fall on deaf ears.

As she strives to quench her thirst for vengeance, Eve discovers she's far more powerful than she ever knew.

Maybe people were right to fear her.


  • 86082 words
  • About 344 pages
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