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Meet Me In The Evergreens


Izzie and Mason were best friends from preschool until Mason entered Junior High and their relationship began to unravel. When their paths cross four years later, their chemistry is stronger than ever, but so are their issues.

Kendall and Jake have been a couple for as long as they remember. When their friendships pull them in opposite directions, they are forced to reevaluate their romance.

Lynn, Pete, and Izzie have been inseparable for years. When Izzie begins to make new connections, Lynn and Pete must learn to adjust to jocks, football games, and growing feelings.

Anna Lopez seems to have it all. She is the beautiful, rich, captain of the cheer team, and dating the high school quarterback. When her life begins to fall apart, will it change her for better or worse?


  • 65944 words
  • About 264 pages
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