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Meet Me in Outer Space


Falling in love never goes out of style.

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Edie Kits has a learning disability. Well, not a learning disability exactly, but a disability that impacts her learning. It isn't visible, it isn't obvious, and it isn't something she likes to advertise.

And for three semesters of college, her hard work and perseverance have carried her through. Edie thinks she has her disability under control until she meets her match with a French 102 course and a professor unwilling to help her out.

Edie finds herself caught between getting the help she needs and convincing her professor that she isn't looking for an easy out. Luckily for Edie, she has an amazing best friend, Serena, who is willing to stitch together a plan to ensure Edie's success. And then there's Hudson, the badly dressed but undoubtedly adorable TA in her French class who finds himself pulled into her orbit...


"You never took a boring Cambridge in pie school?" Dr. Galloway, my academic adviser, asked. His head inclined to the left, his fingertips pressed into the oversized metal desk that separated us in his small, muggy, windowless office.

I stared at him. Took a boring Cambridge in pie school. That's what I'd just heard.

You never took a boring Cambridge in pie school?

Think Edie, think. Deep breath. I should have been watching him and not scanning his bookshelf. Come on. Come on. What did he say? Ugh. What did he just say?

Don't say huh. Don't ask what. Don't ask him to repeat himself.

He’s going to think I don’t pay attention in class and that was why I’m failing. He’s going to think I’m just like all the other millennials he advises, complaining about their classes being too hard. He’s going to think I didn’t care enough to listen, but between the hum of the halogen lights, the fan in his ancient desktop computer, and the faint sound of music in the distance I was doomed.

"I'm sorry, what?" I stuttered. It wasn’t happening; I wasn’t going to figure that one out on my own and I didn’t know him well enough to guess.

"I said: you never took a foreign language in high school?”

Foreign language. Not boring Cambridge. Pie school? God, Edie. Get it together.


"A sweet college romance that features a disability experience not often represented in teen fiction." —School Library Journal

"Edie’s resolve not to give up her lifelong dream for a guy is heartening ... This #ownvoices debut tackles the stigma of a hidden disability." —Booklist

"A super sweet and fast-paced read with invaluable disability representation in a college setting." —The Heart of a Book Blogger

“I loved Edie from the very first misunderstood line right to the very satisfying ending. This book was not only fun to read but showed a set of unique characters that, as a high school English teacher, I think is lacking from most YA novels. … I would love to have a copy of this book on my shelf right now for [my students] to grab. It has great humor with a strong storyline and touches on real issues that I think they should be exposed to in literature.” —Devon.Renee, Swoon Reader

“A smart romantic dramedy that retells common college experiences from a fresh and unique point of view. … It will make you think and laugh. And you may learn a little bit of French along the way.” —S.C. McMurray, Swoon Reader

“I can relate to Edie. I don't have CAPD but I have ADHD and that makes everything study related/ everyday functioning super hard. Reading on because this hit so close home.” —Tara Olivia, Swoon Reader

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