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Me & Devil Boy


Why is the fourth floor forbidden?

Bo lives in a tiny attic room in an orphanage, locked away by the cruel Sister Slade who is convinced that his green-glowing eye means he must be possessed by the Devil.

Curious, pin-bright Bailey Winks is an orphan who dreams of starting a new life somewhere after she’s stolen enough money. When her aunt drops her off at Sister Slade’s Home for Orphans, she wants to meet the mysterious Devil Boy she's heard rumors about.

But her secret meetings with Bo are fraught with danger—and after a murder is blamed on him, everyone in the home is on high alert that the Devil Boy will get them next. Bailey knows there’s a murderer in the home, but it’s not Bo. And it’s up to Bailey to save Bo and her herself before it’s too late for the both of them.


  • 44459 words
  • About 178 pages
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