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Mates are Real


Logan feels a pull, one he can't explain to a little town in Arkansas and he sees her, a girl more beautiful than the rest. Sloan's a rogue, a mutt who doesn't know anyone like her. When a new pack comes to town, she tells herself to stay away, to keep her independence, to not join the pack but she feels a pull to him, To Logan, the alpha.

She can't help but wonder if mates are real.

Excerpt -
"What about mates?" I asked, retracting my hand from his. I didn't want him to think that I was insinuating something about us. "Are they real?"

He looked at his now empty hand and then into my eyes. "They were" he said "Back when one or two packs roamed the whole U.S. Now there's so many of us, so spread out. If mates still exist, they're impossible to find."

I nodded. Just another fairy tale then.


  • 67816 words
  • About 271 pages
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