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Calene, Princess of Blackstone, lives a sheltered life at the palace, unable to go outside as she pleases for fear of the king’s enemies. Her only form of release is the highly-taboo Old Lore: the stories of when man and dragon were deadly enemies. Nowadays those stories are forbidden, the dragons thought to be driven to extinction—until one shows up and kidnaps her brother Terran, the heir to the throne.

Unwilling to wait for others, Calene decides to take action. Frantic to save her brother, she escapes from the palace, seeking the aid of a powerful dragon like in the stories. Instead she finds Vear. Bitter and stubborn, he forces her to contract with him: he will help her find her brother but she must serve him as long as he wishes. Unbeknownst to her, the world is darker and more dangerous than the stories had led her to believe.


  • 85302 words
  • About 341 pages
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