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Lucy Bound In Lyrics


Have you ever done something you were really proud of—something that made you think, "Things are going to be different?" In this contemporary, coming-of-age novel sixteen-year-old Lucy struggles to get out from under the weight of her older sister in recovery and is at odds with a mother who chain-smokes, doesn’t trust technology and who Lucy refers to distantly as “Angela.”

Lucy finds her saving grace in poetry. She sees hope in a local open mic night wondering if her words will be better received in front of strangers than at home or at school. She discovers her best friend has a secret and her crush is a cheat.

Surrounded by people afraid to be themselves—can Lucy find the strength to step out from behind the wall she’s built and bare her soul? Will life ever be different for her?


  • 55961 words
  • About 224 pages
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