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The Dark In-Between


Something lurks in the shadows between life and death.

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    5 (1 rating)

  • Tears

    4 (3 ratings)

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A terrible accident brings sixteen-year-old Casey Everett's life to a halt—literally. Pronounced dead on the beach during the year-end harbor party, Casey’s sudden return to the living is shadowed by the drowning of her best friend, Liddy.

Overcome with grief, Casey returns home for the summer only to find the memories of the accident won’t let her go. Shadow-drenched nightmares. Whispers in the back of her mind. Her friend's screams.

Casey thinks she's losing it... until she watches a boy fall from the sky. Red—an angel fallen to earth to regain his wings—takes her to Limbo, a place that exists somewhere between the living and the dead. Now, in order to save her best friend, Casey must learn to walk these mysterious and dangerous paths or else risk losing Liddy's trapped soul to something worse than death.


She slid down against the door, clutching her head. If she squeezed her eyes tight enough, all she could see was black.

But there was something else there, too. In the silence. In the dark. Something was calling her.

No, not something—someone.

“Liddy?” she whispered.

Shapes grew out of the darkness in her mind. Tall reaching tree limbs. A black wood, shrouded in shadow and stone, covered in mounds of turned earth. It was a place Casey couldn’t ever remember going, and yet it was familiar somehow.

Casey, the voice whispered in her head.

She crushed her eyelids closed, her fists shaking against her knees. The harder she tried to quiet the fuzzy, rushing sound, the louder it grew, until it was a tangle of snaky voices hissing in her ears.

Hair all over her body prickled to attention as a cool film settled on top of her skin. It was like she’d been submerged in water. Like she was sinking. Drowning.

Casey scrambled to her feet, stumbling towards the sink. This was ridiculous. In the mirror her face was pale, her eyes wide, and her chest heaved. She groaned and splashed some water on her face, rubbing her cheeks to get some of the color back.

Casey, the voice hissed and she spun, grabbing the sink for support. She glanced around the bathroom—from the marble tiled shower to the claw foot tub, to the pressed beige towels stacked neatly in the linen basket by the door. There was no one and nothing there—just the overactive imagination of someone who was slowly losing her mind to grief.


"Readers who enjoyed Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series will appreciate the fighting, angel lore, and spooky elements of this entertaining, fast-paced novel. There’s plenty of chemistry between friends-to-lovers Casey and Evan, while Casey’s grief is handled in a sensitive and appropriate manner all the way to the satisfying conclusion." —School Library Journal

"Hrib weaves a dark and dangerous story of life and death with vivid, energetic characters and a heart-pumping pace that hurtles readers along. ... A novel take on a popular paranormal concept." —Booklist

"A fun and engaging story! The narrative voices is easy to sink into, and the angel world and Limbo are imaginative and exciting." —Sam Taylor, author of We Are the Fire

"A perfect mix of established religious/mythological elements and 'legend-building' ... I really couldn’t get enough." —The Fandom

"A cool, quick read!" —StellaDella, Swoon Reader

"Reading this book and watching these characters interact feels so natural ... I can't stop reading!!!" —sophie, Swoon Reader