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Loser Takes All


Daniel McKay, better known as “Mick,” is a fighter. A high school senior, Mick isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. He’s labeled a loser and a hood, and proud of it. But deep down, Mick is sick of the social barriers. Especially when rich jock and ex-best friend, Taylor, smashes into his truck. When Taylor refuses to pay for the damage, Mick proposes a bet: If Taylor wins, he can walk. But if Mick wins, he gets the money. And, he gets to date his girlfriend, Kate, for a week. Kate Shaw is appalled at Mick’s cocky attitude. She’s furious when Taylor takes the bet. Mick wins, and by all rights, she has to go out with Mick. She refuses. Together, they clash like live wires. But ultimately find that Mick’s motivation wasn’t revenge. He likes Kate. Mick has finally found someone worth fighting for.


  • 76258 words
  • About 305 pages
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