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Little White Lies


When 16-year-old Grace French’s mother dies, she moves to Kelton Falls to live with her grandmother where everyone knows everything about everyone. And they don’t seem to forget either, including the local sheriff. He has a history with Grace’s mom: she told lies about the sheriff when she was younger; lies her grandmother still finds hard to talk about.

When Mrs. Cheong, the town’s germ-o-phobe and resident diary keeper, catches Grace stealing from the church plate, Grace decides to steal back the diary before Mrs. Cheong says anything. But then Mrs. Cheong is discovered dead, one lie leads to another, and suddenly, Grace, the town freak, and Girl Scout twins are in a heap of trouble.

But the truth always has a way of coming out. And when it does, Grace is left to question if little white lies really are so harmless after all.


  • 59307 words
  • About 237 pages
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