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Life Is What Happens


When a school project calls for imagining 20 years in the future, the “Preunion”, Phoebe knows just what to say—married to her high school sweetheart, dream house, and a fulfilling computer science career. When Phoebe finds out her boyfriend is planning an arranged marriage, she is forced to rewrite what she believed was her destiny.

Theo prefers to ignore his looming future, just like he’s doing his best to ignore the fact that his grandfather, and best friend, is dying. He’d rather make jokes about becoming a professional magician than face reality.

Phoebe runs into Theo while he’s giving a street performance and they strike up an unexpected second-chance friendship. As the Preunion project looms and sparks are flying, Phoebe wonders if Theo fits into her plans just as Theo wonders if keeping Phoebe means making a plan at all.


  • 70472 words
  • About 282 pages
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