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Late Bloomer


Lo is a sheltered 20-year-old who loves baking, manga/anime, and octopi. When she spots her college swim team’s tryout flyer sporting her favorite sea creature, an octopus she knows it’s a sign that she must join the Flying Octopi. The only things standing her way are her social awkward nature and the fact that she just learned to swim.

She somehow manages to probationally make it on the swim team, to the dismay of Nick, a fellow teammate.

Lo's first practice is so bad that she considers quitting until she runs into a crying girl in the locker room. The girl, Britney, and Lo become friends. Britney invites Lo to a concert, where Lo meets Jackson and Martin. It's the first time that Lo feels free but Lo's overprotective mom doesn't like the new Lo.

Lo must learn to navigate becoming an adult while remaining close to her family.


  • 106370 words
  • About 425 pages
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