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Kingfisher and Crow


Twin thieves Kingfisher and Crow are the best in the business, but this job hits too close to home.

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Full Description

Arian Athensor, also known as Crow, is one of the few people in Leithon whose circumstances have improved after Imperial occupation, although she would never admit it. Before, she was faced with constant pressure to return home and continue studying magic. Now, there is no home, no more magic. Her mother is dead, her brother changed forever, and her city irreparably scarred, but for the first time in her life, she is free.

But when a man comes to town looking to hire her and her brother to retrieve a magical artifact that used to be in her mother’s care, Arian finds that she can't run away from her past. Her destiny is intimately tied to the destiny of her city, and one way or another, she will have to fight for it. Arian will have to steal back not just the artifact, but the city itself.


Cavar stopped short, the door behind him closing with a heavy thud. Marina looked over her shoulder, rolling her eyes. “Get your hand away from that knife before you hurt yourself."

He jerked his hand away from his leg. Marina snorted, kicking off her black pumps. She raised one hand to her mouth, scrubbing off her red lipstick with the back of her hand.

“Gods, I hate this get-up,” she said. “Liam! Where the hell are you?”

Footsteps came from down the hall and a harried young man poked his head out into the foyer, his fingertips stained with ink. He was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks, and his hair, a deep black, stuck out like a halo around his head. “Sorry, sorry,” he said. “I see you’ve met my sister.”

“I have,” Cavar said, looking with some distraction at Marina, who was now ripping off her black wig. The hair underneath was pale blond, falling to her shoulders. She tore the glasses off of her face, tossing them onto the couch with the wig and starting work on her blazer.

“Which one are you?” he asked her. “Kingfisher or Crow?”

“Take a wild guess,” she said. She shrugged the blazer off and tossed it onto the couch as well, then picked her shoes up off the floor. “I’m going to change,” she said, shooting the scholar a pointed glance. “You deal with him.”

The man shrugged his shoulders, giving Cavar an apologetic smile. He offered a hand towards him, one that Cavar took. “As you’ve already heard, I’m Liam,” he said. “But my associates in the business call me Kingfisher. My sister, Arian, is known as Crow.”

Before Cavar could introduce himself, Arian’s voice rang out from a room down the hall. “He’s going to feed you some horseshit about being a collector’s servant from Paran,” she said. “Don’t buy it.”

Cavar looked over at the doorway in surprise. He had been sure that his story was perfect. Seeing the expression on his face, Liam smiled, releasing his hand.

“Don’t take it personally,” he said. “She does that to everyone.”

“Well, if I didn’t do it, nobody would,” said Arian, reemerging from the room. She was dressed now in a belted tunic and pants, a dagger thrust through her belt. “You’re too soft for this sort of stuff.”

“Yes, well,” said Liam, “I’m very glad I have you to guide me.” He looked back at Cavar. “So you’ve met us. Now, I’m sure you understand that before we work together, my sister and I would like to know who you are.”

Cavar felt a thrill run through him as he looked between the two of them. The smile came to his face before he was even aware it was there. He stepped away from them, bowing his head.

“My name is Cavar eth’Nivear,” he said, “I'm a Weaver of the Wastes, here on behalf of my master. And you two are exactly what I need.”



“The plot is great fun: part political intrigue, part coming of age, part adventure. The characters are rounded and real, each with their own journey to make over the course of the book.” —A.F.E. Smith

“The writing is polished and the characters well rounded. I can’t wait to read more!” —ashlaster