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King and Queen


Revolution destroys all the Jae and Kwan have ever known. Rescued from destitution on the streets they are removed to the back mountains, each trained by master swordsmen. Kwan is bent on revenge. Jae on love and keeping the secrets...the secrets of Jang's scars, the boy with the tiger-like stripes on his back...
However, when their quiet life is destroyed once again they find themselves back in the city, living on the streets each trying to carve out their destiny. Kwan to dig the grave of the people who killed his father. Jae to save Kwan from his hell-bent fate, but when he refuses her help and she ends up working for the boyband, she can't stand. Jae begins to question who she is when A.S.K. the leader of the Lost Prince Boy Band walks into her life and insists on staying.


  • 173634 words
  • About 695 pages
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