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Kiko Lui's First Dates


Kiko Liu is a hopeless romantic who is obsessed with heart wrenching rom-coms and the idea of love. Never had a boyfriend and never have been kissed, Kiko wants to fall in love for the first time. She believes that the only way to find love is to go on two blind dates set up by her best friends, Liv and Drew.

As Kiko becomes infatuated with her potential boyfriend suitors, her theatre class brings a spark of interest when Aerial Donovan comes along. Kiko finds herself falling for her blind dates, crushing hard on the theatre kid and trying to keep her parents from finding out the truth about her college plans.

Will Kiko Liu finally find the love she's been searching for?

Kiko Liu's First Dates is a romantic-comedy novel about young love, mad crushes, family, friendships and what it means to be loved.


  • 48438 words
  • About 194 pages
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