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Jungle of Creation (The Eyes Trilogy book 1)


I didn’t expect my mother to leave.
I didn’t expect to go on a sudden trip to Brazil.
I definitely didn’t expect to find a dead body while there.

A family vacation is turned into a disaster. Now caught in a less than ideal situation with no way out, Amira is struggling to process what she’s seen, and struggling to convince others of her impossible story. When she is kidnapped by a secretive government agency, Amira’s life is turned upside down. She is thrust into a world where murderers and scientists coexist. While tiptoeing around these mysterious deaths and mind-jerking secrets, Amira has to figure out who to trust and how to get back home. She will do whatever it takes to return to her family, even if that means leaving behind a world in ruins. How do you run from your problems, though, when they affect you from the inside out?


  • 62058 words
  • About 248 pages
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