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13-year-old June Bug's family quenches three of the most primal urges known to football fans on "Kick-off-weekend" grilling meat, devouring it, and pounding backyard grass with pre-game family football. The moment it is revealed, in secret, suspcious new boyfriend Roland Blake is mentally and physically abusive to thier sister Cassie, and her daughter Ivy, protective sibling Robby's temper ignites during a heated moment of the game. In a breathless instant Roland Blake's body lies motionless in the Bennett's back yard.
The gears of tenion tighten when eldest sister Lori asks one question of the other siblings,"Is it worth Robby going to prison for life, the result of the death of this abusive thug?" June Bug (Annie) is thrown into a swirling vortex of deception as the family agrees that it is not and attempts to hide the crime.


  • 58706 words
  • About 235 pages
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