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Emmy Russo thinks moving to South Carolina stinks. But then she meets Karl Harper—whose half-brother, Charlie Fields, leads a gang of Rockabilly greasers—and her life take an exciting turn.

Soon both brothers are in hot pursuit of her—Karl overtly with love and kindness, and Charlie behind the scenes with temptation and inexplicable chemistry. The fun screeches to a halt when Charlie is killed in a drag racing accident.

Perplexed by Karl's cocky attitude and sudden penchant for hair grease, Em snoops in Charlie's room for clues to Karl’s strange behavior. She finds documentation of three fatal drag racing accidents, all listing Charles Fields as the victim. Fearing she'll be deemed certifiably crazy if she confesses her belief that Charlie is possessing Karl, Em must find a way to exorcise the spirit or risk losing them both.


  • 84876 words
  • About 340 pages
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