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The year is 2087. In the midst of a pandemic, 16 year-old Priya is buried beneath a government facility in a vessel called a Keeper. Priya is supposed to sleep until the pandemic passes; until her older brother can unearth her. But when she wakes, Mars, a stoic young scientist, reveals that that the date is 3032. People no longer smell or taste, and as word spreads that Priya emerged from the ground with all five senses intact, she's hailed as the next messiah. On the run in a Province reminiscent of the old-west, Priya faces a changed world. As she mourns her old life, she is painfully aware she represents transformation. She is a beacon. A science project. A walking pot of gold. But Priya is also a fighter, and as she tries on different hats in the name of survival, her actions prove a girl doesn’t have to be a god to be a hero.


  • 102455 words
  • About 410 pages
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