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In the Seventeenth Summer of You


Cassidy thought she and Oliver would be together forever, but at the end of their sixteenth summer, one traumatic event tore them apart.

After almost four years away from Whitstone Bay, the beach-side town Cassidy called home, she's back to live with her mother safe in the knowledge that Oliver won't return.

While both Oliver and Cassidy believe they can struggle through the summer months without stirring up their long buried feelings of animosity, betrayal, hurt and love, fate has a way of meddling in the lives of two people it's determined to see back together.

This is a summer of surf, sand, milkshakes, and the rekindling of forgotten passions of life and of the heart.

Over 1,700 reads on Wattpad, by the author of 'There are many Flowers in Tokyo' with 66,300 views and The Wattys Longlist Finalist.


  • 78120 words
  • About 312 pages
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