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In Our Image: The Ancient Cursed Ones


In Our Image: The Ancient Cursed Ones, is the first installment of the In Our Image Trilogy

Daylen has no Idea who or what he is until he is captured by the wealthy, aristocratic vampire Oliver while attempting to rob him. The elder vampire knows Daylen is not one of his kind but also knows he is not human either. It is in the whirls of an unlikely friendship that difficult truths become evident. The truth that their meeting was no accident and that Daylen is being pursued by dark and powerful forces.

The two are forced to flee from London to America where Daylen meets and falls for Serah who is unknowingly about to uncover divine prophecy. The prophecy tells of a coming flood, a tide of destruction so powerful it may take all of humanity, creatures of legend, Heaven and even the burning Hells to stop.


  • 64211 words
  • About 257 pages
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