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In Our Image: Bloodline


Walking the line between two worlds, that of the Cursed Ones and that of humanity, Imogen feels herself torn. Part of her wants to just be a girl but her reality is a constant reminder of its impossibility. The point is driven home further when a bloody civil war breaks out among her own kinds.

A strange man leads and begins to recruit Cursed Ones in an attempt to push back against humanity. He means to take their place as equals in a world that they helped save but some stand in his way. Most ancient of the vampires Dendera, leads a resistance against the man in an attempt to save humanity from the slaughter sure to befall them if he gains anymore power and support.
Imogen finds herself not only torn as to which of the two worlds to call home, but also which one to fight for.


  • 83322 words
  • About 333 pages
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