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In Love with the Protagonist Vol 1


Amber doesn’t understand why her soul has inexplicably entered the book she has been reading—The Sword of Wrath. To get back to the real world, she has to follow the instructions of a weird System that rules this world: to play a role the System assigns to her and generate a high enough "score" before escaping the magic book. But there is a problem. The role assigned to her is “Constance Henning”—the hero's mentor, a "villain" role who will eventually die a miserable death. Though being assigned the role of a vicious sorceress, Amber personally holds no grudge against the hero—Karl, who suffered a bitter childhood because he was a hybrid of demon and human. Amber feels sympathy for Karl’s misfortune but is forced to make life miserable for him. And the biggest challenge would be to push Karl down to the Infinite Abyss as the plot demands.


  • 70882 words
  • About 284 pages
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