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I Was a Teenage Exorcist


Aurora McGillicuddy is a smart, bookish girl who has spent most of her summer reading the hacky horror fiction of the prolific Vincent St. Cloud. She loves it, sure, but if not for her overbearing parents she would be out having adventures with her friends. Little does she know, an adventure is about to begin.

For reasons unknown (though you'll certainly find out if you read the book), spirits from another realm have arrived in our world. This is going to inconvenience the lazy, if likable, Brayden Euler. Brayden finds out that he's from a long line of exorcists, and it's up to him to handle this rise in spirit activity. The only problem is that it seems hard. Fortunately for Brayden, he knows a smart girl who likes to read that lives across the street. Brayden asks Aurora to join him, and their adventure begins!


  • 76554 words
  • About 306 pages
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