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I See You


Rachel Morgan and Cade Miller have known each other since kindergarten. They were even friends at one time, but something happened between Cade and her twin brother, Craig, that completely changed their relationship, and nobody’s talking about it.

Fast forward to grade 12: Cade is the bad boy of the school. When Rachel is paired up with him in French class, she begins to realize there’s more to him than just his tough image. But her brother, Craig, doesn't approve of her new-found interest in Cade, claiming he’s not safe for her. The more time Rachel spends with Cade, the more she begins to question if anyone really knows the real Cade Miller.

When the truth behind Cade's bad boy behavior is revealed, Rachel has to make a choice; rescue said bad boy or run.

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  • 60846 words
  • About 243 pages
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